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2021 Château Auguste Grand Rose

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THE PASSIONATE WINE MAKING AND UNIQUE TERRIOR OF BORDEAUX Select limestone plots for complexity and an award winning Bordeaux wine making team. 

ORGANICALLY GROWN GRAPES No Colors. No flavorings 

MUSIC TO THE VINES At dawn and dusk music is played to vines - a scientific process called Genodics - Proven to make fruit more plump and more resistant to fungus etc.  

HAND PICKING Our grapes are hand picked with stems attached to prevent premature oxidation and keep the wine as fresh as possible. 

DIRECT PRESSING Pressing with stem still attached and protected with dry ice to get the maximum freshness and taste of the fruits. 

MIS EN BOUTEILLE AU CHATEAU (Bottled at the Château)  Not bulk wine, only wine we care for the entire season and we oversee the entire process. 

REFRIGERATED SHIPPING Traveling from France to the USA. Auguste Rosé is shipped insulated and refrigerated, it arrives fresh as if you were sipping it at the Château.



(Shipping to Asia will be an additional €63)